Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Dirt Calls

I'm sorry that for the last few weeks I haven't posted anything. I am here. I am alive. Better yet, so is the garden!

Today I pulled out the bolting lettuce and replanted. This is normal. Since I plant so early in the spring and then thin and cut it so it regrows fantastic for a few months I am fairly good at getting the spring lettuce crop to last all the way into summer.
What I planted today normally (once grown) will last until late fall. I've been known to brush snow off the top of my lettuce box before finally calling it quits for the year.

I also planted some more tomatoes & winter squash of the Delicata Heirloom variety. I love the flavor and how easy it is to cut. Since I'm not selling it, taking it from garden to table is easy.
Delicata isn't easily found in stores or even farmers markets due to how easy it is to bruise.
The flavor however is between squash & sweet potatos!
Very yummy, very earthy and sweet.
I highly recommend it for any backyard garden! Also due to its white/green colors on the outside and bright orange hue on the inside its a very attractive plant to plate up for guests.
Another bonus is that the skin (again since its so thin) is edible and easily cut with a carrot peeler.

I have one squash in the yard (summer variety) that I will be able to harvest this week! Summer/fall is weeding/watering and trying to keep everything from frying under the hot sun!
Sorry I stopped posting everyday, its been tough to find time for everything!

So far I have carrots seeding, mint seeding & a few cilantro growing up from seed in the ground! I'm pretty exited, now fingers crossed that the cilantro grows back again next spring!
Our blackberry bushes are massive but the raspberry plants are struggling in the heat.

Also we were just able to salvage a ton of fencing material! The same fence we used for the herb garden may end up replacing the chain link in the front yard - we are unsure if we have enough to do the entire front yard but I do know we have enough to replace the yucky section that is falling down - so for now at least one section of the front yard will soon be done!

As for the bunnies we bred Zorro with Misty - but are unsure if she's pregnant or not. In the hopes that she is (and regardless as we will still need it in the future) we are ready to build the grow out cages!
We plan on doing it modular style this time to make it easier as the location is less friendly than the original set up.

I have tons to blog - photos galore and will try to start posting full time again soon!
Until then, remember - its a scientific fact that dirt makes you happier ;)