Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Brick Bandits

All right, so we didn't steal them and we're not bandits.

I did however, beat everyone else in our township to the deal of a lifetime!
(seriously at least 20 other people wanted them and one even begged for a phone call in case we didn't take them all!)

And when I say all
I mean

13x4x11-2= 570 bricks!
It took several hours and trips to bring them all home in our van but we did it!

So an amazing thank you to the wonderful couple that wanted them moved on!
You guys are amazing!

Current plans for the bricks include:

Grow boxes in the front yard to line the walk way.

The floor of my soon to be tea patio!
(much sooner now!)

Possible grow boxes around the tea patio for herbs!

This weekend we will kick off the first project of adding grow boxes to the front yard!
Pretty sure this pile is going to take a while to use up but its going to be lots of fun.

Now years ago I would see these posts and wonder how people manage to find so many great things for free?!
I'll tell you, its a matter of looking, being available and luck.
I'm on several community boards for our small town,
(which is how I found the bricks)
luck was seeing the post within ten minutes of it being posted and being the first person to respond.

I also search online area's like KSL or CraigsList.
We also troll the cull bin at Lowes and Home Depot.
Also I've join interest groups - this wasn't to gain free things but to learn from others.
The benefit is that many people in those groups will share what they have with other people that they know care about those same interests first.
I'm in a homesteading group, a rabbit group & a few chicken groups.
Most of what I find now is on Facebook in private groups.
We also have a few amazing friends that let us grab up things their companies are clearing out.
Paying attention and cultivating relationships in these areas really helps us find the great deals!
Like getting 570 bricks for free!

I've wanted a tea patio for years!
We've marked out the area, even have a patio set all ready to use under it.
Yet, we've waited due to budget (skint broke is a thing)
Now I can start on the floor and the walls with things we've found for free!

Deeply grateful today!

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