Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Potatoes!

Last fall my husband and I read a really great article on why and how to plant potatoes in the fall.

Planting Irish Potatoes

Funny enough it was posted in the Utah Backyard Homesteading group, Oct 3rd, 2016.
I fell in LOVE with the idea - especially since we'd just tossed a massive load of wasted hay from our rabbits into our compost heap.
Wanting to share the information I had my husband read it, he too decided that we needed to try it.
ONE small problem, it was October already and we were BROKE.

Now, you as a reader and not a person with a front row seat to the story of my life, you might find what happens next odd, however, it happens to me a lot.
My friend Lori called me up out of the blue saying she wanted to drop by and that she had a surprise for me, YAY!
(who doesn't love random surprises?!)
I adore surprises - especially from her!
She pulls into the driveway, asks for my husband to come out and help unload,
unload what you might ask?
A 100 pound box of Idaho potatoes recently pulled from the ground from a friend of her's farm.
NOT KIDDING, all in the SAME day!
That night we roasted up a few
(they were amazing)
And planted 6 in the ground!
So far three of six have come up from the ground - two plants just this week!
In 2014 we tried and failed HARD at growing potatoes
2015 we didn't even try.
Reading this article I had hope that this time things might be better.
I adore fall planting - my garlic harvest is amazing!
So I have hope of harvesting potatoes this year - maybe
(fingers crossed)
we might have enough to last us the year.
So far I've gotten both my garlic and my carrots to last us a full year, adding another massive crop to feed our family would be amazing!

Also up this year will be revamping my under the stairs basement storage from Christmas storage to a cold storage room.
Where I can store potatoes, garlic, onions, herbs and other various things.

Another article on fall planting potatoes

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