Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jalapeno Peppers!

This recipe said it would make 6 8oz jars. 
It made 9 1/2 jars for me.
The few drops I tasted having me drooling for Thanksgiving when I plan to serve this.
If you want the store bought deep green you can add food coloring to the recipe,
I have ISSUES with America's fad for brightly colored food and avoid all dyes like the plague.

What started me on Jalapeno Peppers during Cucumber season?
My amazing next door neighbors brought over full box of their produce leftovers!
Jalapenos, onions, green peppers and tomatoes!
Most of which will go into my pickles, however, the Jalapeno's were just to pretty not to can!

Now this recipe made 1 pint so I had to triple it for my three pints.
See the space at the bottom?
That's after pushing them down and pushing them down and pushing them down some more!
 I'm not a huge pepper person but this year I keep getting them!
I love these on my favorite food of all time, nachos!
Side note: For the first recipe I used gloves while cutting up the jalapenos.
For the second recipe I forgot.
Jalapeno burns are a @$$$#% to get over but thankfully they don't do much damage to the skin.
No boils or skin damage save some redness,
the pain however,
lets just say when I forgot I'd boiled some water for my canning jars and reached in, I didn't notice a difference to my fingers.

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