Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sweet Pickle Relish

When we came home from a week of camping I found that several of my large cucumbers had turned yellow!
Not sure yet if it was too much water or if they were too long on the vine, that I will need to research  later.
First up was salvaging them
Hence turning them into Sweet Pickle Relish!

A whole pot full!

We made 6 quarts of Sweet Pickle Relish 
and for the first time I had a can explode!
Not due to any error but my own.
I made a rookie mistake from being over tired as I was finishing the process that led to losing one whole quart of amazing deliciousness.

Link above for the recipe.
We needed to quadruple the recipe
As much as we used I barely dented my cucumber crop!
Next up Sweet Pickle Chunks & Spears.
Quickly followed by Jalapeno Pepper Jelly & Mint Jelly
Ending with Dill Pickles & Dill Spears
Not sure how long this is going to take me but its a safe bet that I'm going to be canning off and on for the next month.

My world is full of spices, jars and boiling water!
Hope everyone else is having a great and safe time with their gardens!


OH! On a side note, please don't take short cuts when it comes to canning.
On one of my homesteading boards I saw someone wanting to stack cans in the canner,
many other people wrote in about how they routinely stack their smaller jars in their canners.
I do not recommend this.
Canning isn't like freezing or putting rice in a plastic bottle.
Canning is a process of using water and pressure to make your jars airtight..
If something fails you AT BEST will get sick from eating it.
Take the extra 10-20 minutes to do it correctly.
Its worth it.

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