Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Gardening

 Blackberries growing in strong!
Blackberry stalks return to full life in Spring, as you can see in the photo the stalk is nice and green.

Next I'm thrilled to announce that all my raspberry plants lived!
They are growing back quickly.
I weeded and dug their spring water wells.
Raspberries don't retain the previous years stalk, they grow up from the root.
After they bear fruit, the stalk can die and more will grow from the root.

Today, was all about this part of the yard!

Nothing is wasted, all the weeds that had been growing in this spot went to our very hungry rabbits!

From front to back I planted
1. Cocozelle Zucchini (heirloom)
2. Connecticut Field Pumpkin (heirloom)
I still have a lot of pie pumpkin leftover from last year so this will be mainly for seeds and animals.
3. Italian Round Zucchini (heirloom)
Bonus the link also has a stuffed I.R Zucchini recipe!
4. Congo Watermelon (heirloom)
I'm not in anyway affiliated with any of the above sites, nor did I buy my seeds from any of the above. The sites linked had good information on the plants.
While the Congo Watermelon said it liked full sun I took a chance and place it in half sun.
The last time I tried to grow Watermelon the summer heat was far too much, so this year we will see.

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