Sunday, April 2, 2017

Searching for the Perfect Pear

Searching for the perfect Pear!

Now on my previous fruit tree posts, I've only posted the tree's we've selected. 
I haven't gotten in depth as to WHY I've picked these as my fruit trees.

Main thing I look for are fruit tree's that will grow in my area.
Fruit tree's that are cold hardy (for us) or what ever area type you need.
Whether or not it needs a secondary pollinator or if its self pollinating.
How fast it fruits and if it will only fruit for a period of ten years and then go dormant.

Each fruit tree has its good points and bad points.
If you live in an established neighborhood (like I do) you most likely will have all the pollinators you need.
If you are bringing in a specialty type, you may want to think about getting a second or its suggested pollinator.

Next thing I want to look at is what type of fruit it offers.
I cook & can.
Therefore I want a fruit that will cook well and can well.
MANY pears do not.
Finding a Pear Tree type that was firm & sweet became a challenge!

I fell in LOVE with a newish Pear Tree called Concorde Pear Tree
Concorde Pear Tree

This tree had two main problems - it has zero resistance to fire-blight
and I couldn't find it for sale in the USA anywhere!
Fine, I found ONE site that had ONE tree left
but their ordering site was down and I couldn't actually place an order!

Back to searching for yet another good cooking variety

The downside to this tree is that you need to pick the fruit early and let ripen inside.
Also once ripe, its shelf stable for roughly a week.
Unlike the Concorde that was shelf stable for months!
Plus side?
Its one of the best on the market to be resistant to fire-blight
it was easy to order and will be here in roughly 4-6 days.

Its not self pollinating, but its top recommended pollinator is the Bartlet Pear Tree which is sold everywhere here in Utah.
So I'm not worried about it producing fruit.
I am not the type of person and goes to the store, finds a tree for sale and brings it home.
Tree's are a LONG term investment,
research is important.

Whether or not I like the Moonglow only time will tell, 
however I can say I've tried to get the best fit for both my area and my needs.

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