Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Planting Tomato Starts

 For the past six years we've started tomato seedlings indoors.
Almost every year they die off when we plant them in the ground and we end up buying a large plant from a store.

This year, we've changed things up.

Moving them outside earlier

But adding their own mini greenhouse for them to grow in.

 If this works well and they do good this week
we may build a second for more tomatoes
and two more mini green house's for our peppers.

Our problem comes in when to transplant.
If you wait to long you can damage the roots,
move to soon and weather/temps can kill the small plants.

We really want to have a large tomato crop.
I'd love to can salsa, soup & spaghetti sauce.
Right now the only way I can see us doing so from seed is with a greenhouse.
Something both my husband and I want to build.
Its just both costly and lots of work.
For the moment we are hoping 
- fingers crossed -
 that the mini green house will work well enough until we can grow larger plants outside
in a green house.
Hoping for a better, larger, hothouse tomato/pepper plants like you get at the store.

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