Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stanley Plum

Last year I posted about going to Erda, UT to pick apples.
What I didn't post - mainly because I was getting burnt out from canning and cooking non stop,
was that she'd called us up middle of August to come pick plums!

She had two HUGE beautifully loaded Stanley Plum tree's!
We came home with SO many!
I made two recipes 
Plum Jam 
(family favorite)
Plum BBQ Sauce
(to sweet, need to add some heat to it but absolutely packed with vitamins)

This year we decided to add fruit tree's to our yard. Yes it will take a few years for them* to grow large enough to produce fruit, but we are on our way!

First we dug a massive hole.
Added compost to the bottom.

Then we created a water well and lined it with more composting/hay.

Of course I choose Stanley Plum's, as those are what we got last year and the taste was incredible!  
Now in a few years, I'll have a year round supply of Plum Jam.
This year I can only hope and pray the family in Erda calls us again!
We will of course, be on the look out for other golden opportunities!

*them - more fruit tree's will be posted as they are bought and added!

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