Friday, April 29, 2016

Boiling Fresh Eggs

Who doesn't love boiled eggs?! Okay don't answer that; I have met several people silly enough that they didn't like hard or soft boiled eggs! Odd! Seriously oddness!

Now that my hens have settled into a normal routine of 7-9 eggs daily, I sell 1-2 dozen a week. Either that or I'm overwhelmed with eggs!
Like the other day, I sold 28 eggs to a friend, 24 to another, boiled 18 and still had a full 18 left over for baking and cooking!
All of them, each and everyone less than 3 weeks old!

Now its hard to tell, you may need to click the photo - the upper right picture of the eggs you can see a small hole in the tippy top of each egg. 
This is something you NEED to do when boiling farm fresh eggs! The reason store bought eggs peel better than backyard eggs is they are OLD.
Air and time have changed the lining inside of the egg - making it easier to peel.

While you could wash your fresh eggs, cartoon them, place them on a shelf at the back of your fridge wait two months and have the same benefit - why would you?
Especially when all it takes is gently using a small push pin to make a small hole at the tip of each egg - the flat wide bottom not the sharper point, your goal is to puncture the air bubble normally found at the bottom of the egg.

Photo 1 Top - Fresh Eggs
Photo 2 Top - holes poked, waiting to boil
Photo 3 bottom - peeled, freshly boiled eggs
Photo 4 bottom - waiting to be peeled, boiled eggs. To make my life easier I use a trick my mother taught me. She'd boil, dry and mark each boiled egg with a B.

For 18 eggs I boil a large pot of water - wait for a rolling boil. Add the eggs into the boiling water and wait 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, I pull them out and immediately put them into an ice bath. When they've cooled down completely I dry, mark them and place them in the refrigerator for future use.

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