Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wheat Grass

Growing wheat grass is easy, simple and very quick. It is a great addition for both our chickens and our rabbits!
Our rabbits eat pellets, weeds, cut grass and fresh wheat grass, along with chew toys (fruit tree branches) and the odds & ends veggie treats that we give them sparingly.

For our chickens we add a small handful of wheat grass seeds into a dish or shallow pan, fill with water and soak them for 10-12 hours.
Then we pour the excess water off and cover with them with damp paper towels keeping the seedlings wet but not drowning.
They grow rapidly and only need the paper towel 1-2 days.
Any time after sprouting green tips you can spread them out and give them to your chickens.
We normally wait a week until they are 1-2 inches.

Our hens LOVE wheat grass day! 

We've also been growing the wheat grass indoors for the rabbits as well, however as you can see from the top photo our newly sewn rabbit rooftop planter is almost ready for our rabbits to munch on.

The wheat grass planted in soil is much thicker and richer, than the inside water ones. It will be much better for the rabbits to eat than the small bits they've been getting so far.
I adore how the new hutch is working out and can't wait to get started on the grow out boxes for the kits!

Adding the planter to the top of the hutch did a few things (and yes its fully lined to keep water off the rabbits).
1. Its reusing space - this is key when you are urban homesteading like we are.
2. Adding the wet soil, plants and needing to keep it wet will also help cool off the rabbits in the hot summer.
3. The lip hangs out a few inches to keep the water/rain run off from pouring straight into the cages.
    Dry bunnies are happy ones.

Fresh grass is good for both rabbits and chickens. It adds vitamins and nutrients - the great thing is its not limited to just wheat grass for chickens. My all time favorite chicken blog Fresh Eggs Daily has a post on sprouts for chickens and ducks HERE. Check it out for more ideas.

As for rabbits I'm still exploring their extra food and how to grow it on a budget. This is a huge step to that end - fresh, healthy and budget friendly!

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