Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This is one of the first things my darling built for me and he did it because the compost bin he had been planning didn't work out the way he wanted!

Here is a link to how it was built and what is in it - Grow Box.
As always this was built by my husband, we used various items left over from other projects (mine and a friends). The only thing we had to buy specially for this project was the hardware.

This year in the back I planted Endive, Spinach, and lettuce in the front. Last year I had a harder time getting my second planting to sprout, it seems they decided that this spring was the better time!
So I have lettuce growing up with the Spinach and a mix of lettuces in the front two sections.
The back area where I planted the endive has a few lettuces and endive coming up but not much and very slowly so I will be reseeding that today!

I LOVE fresh lettuce, so does my entire family. We planted this early March and by the first week of May we should have lettuce to eat!

The first month or so when its cold and wet I keep the grow box closed, opening it to water and when we get a few warm hours of sun. It stays closed all night, allowing the warm air inside the box to keep the plants from freezing - giving me extra grow time.
Now that its warming up but still cool at night, I open it in the morning, water once or twice a day and close it again at night.
By full summer it stays open 24-7. Then closes again in fall. I'd love a proper cold frame that I can have going even in the dead of winter but at this moment 9 months out of the year is a blessing!

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