Monday, April 18, 2016


Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I realized the other day while blogging on my old blog that what I do most and love the most is play in our bit of dirt.
I love that we took it from a over grown disaster that hadn't been utilized fully in years and have made a haven.
Don't get me wrong - its still a work in progress! We hope to add bees, a green house, rain barrels, a patio area/stone grill and eventually a full aquaponics system!

So instead of continuing to mash everything into one blog - family, friends, outings, camping, movies and kids plus all of our yard projects, gardening, and animals. This will be my place to talk about our growing urban homestead.
While I am not an expert on anything, I do my research. I keep informed and follow many, many blogs and pages on the subjects I am either doing or wanting to do. I promise I won't post weird random things that have no merit. I'm open to learning new things and love discussions on topics of homesteading!
Just like composting, there is more than one way to do many things!

So far we have 9 chickens (all hens), we have 4 rabbits (1 male, 3 female) a large back garden, a kitchen garden, a grow box and a compost bin. This year we've added in raspberries and blackberry bushes - not easy to grow in Northern Utah but I'm crossing my fingers that my coffee addiction pays off!

I'm Telisha, mid 30's, wife, mother of two active growing kids, who loves to garden and cook.

We are a chemical free, free ranging, veggie loving family!

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