Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ogden Chicken Alliance

I adore my fluffy feather butts! My ladies, my hens, my gal pals! Whatever nick name I toss at them that day, one thing remains the same - I love my chickens!

Do I think that most urban cities need to have laws allowing chickens? Yes, I really do.
Frankly I'm surprised that from WW2 posters in 1942 encouraging people to raise chickens, that so many cities now ban them completely!

 To that end I stand with the Ogden Chicken Alliance!

If you can please donate to their cause, trying to make it legal to have backyard chickens! If you are strapped please share the links on social media! Click the link above to visit there page and learn more ways to help them!
Eggs from backyard hens are fresh, healthier and yummy! Chickens eat tons of bugs! Their poop breaks down into healthy good compost.
Plus they are friendly, playful loving animals that have truly amazing personalities!

Take a moment visit their page and see what you can do to help.
Us crazy chicken folk need to stick together!

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