Thursday, March 30, 2017


This little cutie just can't seem to stop being given!
A young lady fell in love with him, gifted him to her boyfriend
who's family isn't set up to have chickens.
So the family gifted her/him to me. 

Already our little gift is fitting in.

Or standing out!

Now on to the fun!
What breed of bird do you suppose this is?
I've been told its a meat chicken.

I was told Brahma? However, this baby's feet is bald, not feathered.
So here are a list of white breeds that I'm thinking it might be. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.
If you have another idea, let me know!
So far I've had a hard time finding pure white chicks, most chicks have more markings!
In the meantime we are guessing if its male/female.
If female if we will be getting our first white egg?!

*** Update ***

Breed turned out to be a White Broiler
we butchered it this week along with the rest of our older ladies who are currently chilling happily in my freezer.
Due to the nature of the breed they gain weight quickly - very quickly.
This causes them to have many health issues the older they get.
Old with this breed is one year.
Not kidding they are not for eggs, they are 100% a meat bird.
Next year we may purchase a few of these birds just to raise for meat - very moist, juicy and tender!

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