Monday, March 27, 2017

Integrating our Chicks!

Yes, this does look rather odd.
Its our indoor chicken brooder, minus the indoor floor panel.

We brought our young chicks outside in this for two days, allowing young and old 
to "talk" to each other through the small slats.
Getting to know each other without harming the babies.

The term, "Chicken" wasn't coined accidentally.
It took a while for our older ladies to even check out the babies.

However, on the third day I took two brooms and released them into the yard.
Surprisingly all went well!

Two of our Rhode Island Reds, 
ran after the babies pecking at their backs.
However the peck to the middle of the back was to show them their place in the pecking order.
Its been two weeks and no issues!
No head pecking, no injuries, no pulling feathers!
Just still a few small pecks to the middle of the back and a happy fluff ruffle once the babies run away.
Finally breathing a sigh of relief!
Introducing new to old never goes the same!

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