Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Babies!

One of our older baby bunnies (first litter to Ginger 4 babies)

Our second kindling of kits!
(baby bunnies)

New chicks!
We are in the long process of cycling out our flock.
Our older ladies are headed to the grill, while the new lovelies will take over egg production.
Jan/Feb when our older ladies turned 2, we brought home new chicks.

This time we went with the breeds, Black Austrolorps, Silver Laced Wyandottes & a few Rhode Island Reds.
Meaning sadly no more fabulous blue eggs.
Will post their new names soon!

Our home is filled with babies!
On top of all the bunny and chickie mania we also bought a new puppy!
She won't be able to come home for another month or so but I can't wait!

Sorry I went MIA for a bit, we've been overwhelmed keeping everything going!
Winter we lost two kindling's due to rookie errors. Not a pleasant way to learn.
I also brought home a few more rabbits for free 
(Ginger, our rookie but amazing mother is one of those) 

We did decide for the first time to add a light to our coop, since we were cycling out our chickens this summer anyway we decided that they didn't really need the winter break.
Just as well, today we managed one egg out of our nine lady hens!
We can't afford to feed and house hens that aren't laying!
I know many (MANY) people consider their chickens pets, we don't.
Our chickens are for eggs and living in an urban setting we can't afford to have freeloaders when our city limits how many hens can be on the property.

Also I continually hear, "My kids just love our chickens. They are so attached."
So were mine, know what kids love more than chickens?
Baby chickens!

Just saying.

But really, for us we made the choice when we decided to get into raising animals that we would keep our animals; healthy, well fed, well loved and we would also enjoy the cycle of life.
Nothing here is wasted.

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