Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Planting 2017!

Last years Kale is springing back up!

Peas are planted

Garlic is already coming up in the middle!
The sides are carrots & onion.
Around the border in the blocks we planted 10 Strawberry plants.
This is from a tip I got off of pinterest saying they grew well in the warmer bricks.
We shall see.
We've tried shade, sun, half and half, wet, dry, damp.
We've tried to grow them in the strawberry planters - plastic, ceramic and the hanging ones.
This year we try again, with little hope.

My baby lettuce before I thinned it out!
Will need to post more recent photos!

Later on this week we are going to be putting in our zucchini, squash and if it stops raining enough for us to build new trellis, my Chinese Long Beans!
Hoping for a good harvest this year!

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