Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chinese Long Beans & Thai Purple Beans

My not yet finished bean trellis!
Hubs is still working on adding the top and the trim.
Next years plan will be to grow the spring peas
on one side before planting summer beans on the other.
Peas in the shady side
Beans on the sunny side.

The first trellis has Purple Thai Beans on the sunny side.
I planted late onions on the shady side when the other Thai Beans didn't sprout there.

Chinese Long Beans on both sides on the second one.

Again both sides of the third trellis is Chinese Long Beans.
Which you can buy from various rare seed dealers
or like us you can have them shipped from China for cheaper.
If you are going to find them on ebay and have them shipped from China
(packaging is super fun! and all in Chinese)
buy them EARLY!
5-6 weeks for them to arrive - as my hubby bought them in Jan we didn't mind waiting.

Chinese Long Beans on Sunny Side
Radishes in the shade.

Yes I would have planted them differently but this was our first time and we did just finished building and putting the trellis in two weeks ago.
I can't wait for it to be complete!
Also can't wait to see all the beans growing up and over it!
Its going to be so pretty!

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