Friday, June 9, 2017

Hilling Potatoes

Hard to see but that is a 12 inch ruler.
You don't want your potato plant to grow over 12 inches, so as it grows you need to hill it.
  Dirt layer

Compost layer

Each time I hill I add lots of composted material, hay & rabbit poop is my main go to as the plants are literally 6 feet from my grow out bunny pen.
You want the potato to be able to easily grow potatoes and not spend so much energy fighting against the dirt.
However I like adding a layer of dirt to a layer of compost as it helps hold its shape as well as keep water in my growing large mound!
They are growing SO FAST! Here is what they looked like mid May.

Crossing my fingers this year I get a great potato harvest!
Last time we were not prepared!
Didn't plan or research enough and got three teeny tiny things instead of lovely potatoes.
However at the moment everything thing looks perfect!

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