Sunday, June 4, 2017

Using the Fence

I'm not at a full Potager Garden and very much doubt my space will ever be that tidy.
However it does utilize every bit of space - like using fences.
Currently we are trying to use 3 of our fences and once we've replaced the front we will work on putting the new front fence to good use.
This middle yard fence separates the common yard around the house from our back upper garden.
Our back side garden fence has raspberries and grapes started along it.
The chicken fencing we just planted new seedless Concorde Grapes so it will be a while until they really start to fill the space.
Hence no photos of them to brag about yet.

However when we moved in there was 1 established old grape vine in a very sad state. Three years ago to improve its health we did a cut back.
That's where you cut the grape all the way back to its main root and allow it to send out new healthy shoots.
As you can see from the photos that grape is now going strong.
Grapes on the left (of the top photo),
growing up and over the arch.
Soon we will be adding a roof over the rabbit play yard,
at which time we will continue to vine them up and over.


Grapes from the other side of the fence growing up the trellis.

On the right side are my lovely blackberry bushes.

This is only their second year and only 4 plants already they
are roughly 4 feet tall, bushy, and full of blackberries!

Each year we add something more, something permanent, something lasting.
I may have a small space but for the moment I feel like we are trying to use every tiny bit!
What we aren't currently using, we are planning to use!
Can't wait to get started on some of our larger summer projects!

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