Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Free Tomatoes!

42 free all different types mostly Heirloom Tomatoes!

18 planted gently and perfectly in their own water wells on one side of the bean trellis.

The last 24 I will need to go back and dig better water wells around half of them!
As we dug all 42 in one day we were sore and burnt!

However 24 hours after planting and they all look fantastic!
The varieties are a bit of everything, cooking, slicing and cherry/grapes.

My husband saw a post stating that a lady across the valley was giving away a few hundred extra she'd grown and wanted them to go to the people in our Homesteading group.
Even though it was late when we saw the post we asked if they were still available,
a quick yes and off we drove!
Even though we needed to use a flashlight to see, she still took the time to find me some really great and fun types!
Have I mentioned how much I love Homesteading people?
Great people!

My husband had all but given up hope on growing tomatoes this year.
My old post about planting our tomatoes ran into two massive snags.
Snow and freezing temps - TWICE after we planted them!

Here's a larger photo showing off this section of the garden.
Soon I need to do a video tour of our Urban Homestead and map it.
Two maps would be best - current and future plans.
Adding mapping and videoing to my to do list!

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