Thursday, June 8, 2017

When It Heats Up

Its been 95 degrees here! We went from mid 70's one week to 95 the next!
Next week its supposed to dip back down to the 70's!
When the weather jumps up and down that quickly our animals - chickens, rabbits, dogs,
can't adjust that fast - heat is very hard on them.
Heavy panting is a very bad sign!

We have several tricks and tips that we do during the course of the summer to keep them cooler.
First our water system is shaded and keeps the water in their drip lines cooler - on hot day's we will go out and bled a few feet of water from the line to make sure they are getting the colder water and not what's in the line getting hot.

We take out ice bottles - old glass bottles that we fill half way with water and freeze.
I feed them mint leaves when they are old enough and the mama's aren't feeding them.
Mint can dry up their milk supply so you don't want to give it to them while they are feeding but all other times mint is GREAT at helping to cool off.

We have shade for all of our bunnies.
This photo is right before I watered the grass they are laying on. I also made sure to water the wall they were leaning against to help it cool off.
Once I was done watering they went right back and cuddled up to the wet cold wall.
Feel free to post any of your cooling off tricks below!

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