Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The New & Improved Rabbit Watering System!

First we used a 55 gallon barrrel

Needing the height we built a support system to nestle it up in the rafter.

We drilled one small hole for the bottom of the barrel for the water line to come out

The large hole we cut into the shed 
(we plan on putting on a trap door)
This is the spout hole
We place the hose in this hole to refill it, 
covering it back up with an old cloth to keep bugs and wasps out,
while letting the container breathe so the water will flow out.

The tube then goes to the rabbit house, where they get cool fresh water!
Is this system perfect?
As far as we can guess this will work for 9 months out of the year.
So far we don't have it winter proof, we'd need to change the tubing, adding a heating element.

For winter we plan on exchanging out the small water bottles that clip to the wire.
That is until we can afford to fix this system so that it works in winter as well.

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