Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Canning Apples!

Weeks of apples! Apple Cider, Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, & Apple Pie filling!
At this point I don't know if my arm will recover but hey my house smells divine AND I have a massive stock of really yummy food!

I used two different recipes for my Apple Pie Filling, I highly recommend the first!

I used my full 1 pd of Clear Jel and made over 12 quarts of Apple Pie Filling that tastes seriously amazing and looks stunning canned.
This still tastes amazing.
It took forever for the liquid to gel correctly.
Seriously doing a large batch took almost an hour for it took cook correctly.
Taste wise I adore this, but frankly I most likely will use this as Apple Pie Topping
(on ice creams, as a dip ect)
Not pictured, doesn't can as pretty
Also due to the high heat I couldn't sub the cornstarch for arrowroot powder.

Now I used this recipe more as a starting off point.
I used only Granny Smith's, quadrupled the recipe and cooked it up in a roasting oven on 150 for almost two days.
Then I water bathed them according to my pressure cookers instructions for their Apple Butters recipe.
Oh and right before I pureed them into amazing tastiness I tossed in a tsp of vanilla.
This is heaven!
I'm not even normally a fan of apple butter - this however is the most amazing thing!
Rich, vibrant, caramelized smooth goodness!

Again I used a recipe more as a starting off point.
First word to the wise - this recipe is actually for Apple Juice and maybe if you were using something other than Granny Smiths it might taste okay.
Using Granny Smiths this apple juice recipe SUCKED.
Instead I flipped it, turned it into Apple Cider with a by product of reusing the mushed apples as apple sauce.
For the Apple Cider you toss in a cinnamon stick & a few bags or package of mulling spices.
Along with 1 C. of white sugar.
Reboil it for 45 minutes and yum.

For Apple Sauce 
You removed the cooked, soft apples after 1-2 hours of hard boil.
Strain them from the juice, toss into a crock pot with 
1- 11/2 C. Sugar (according to taste)
1-2 tbls of ground cinnamon
1 tbls of ground nutmeg
1 tsp of ground cloves
 cook up for another few hours on low then add to hot jars and can following your pressure cookers instructions.

Also I'd like to make a note when keeping the apple peels in a recipe make sure you are removing the SEED POCKETS
They don't cook down. 
I have two cans of applesauce and 4 apple butter with tiny bits of hard bits as I didn't cut them out.
Take the time to remove them, its worth it in the long run!

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