Saturday, August 6, 2016

Chili Peppers!

So this week I made a fabulous trade with my next door neighbors! I traded 6 eggs and two heads of garlic for a small bucket of peppers!
Best that I can tell the small (very spicy) peppers are Birds Eye Chili's roughly a 70,000 on the heat scale. No I can't ask (I've tried) she doesn't know the English name for them.

I washed, dried and then hung them following this blogs amazing post on how to dry Chili's.

My full completed strand of peppers!

A close up of how the string turned out!

Already I am planning on planting some of the seeds for next year!
My neighbors has at least 50 of the tiny plants and each plant has 70-100 peppers like this growing on them! Each one just a beautiful as the next!

My cute adorable Banana peppers I've picked three off both my plants.
6 peppers off of 2 plants.
I have more growing and will get more but I love the amount of harvest she's been able to cultivate off of her plants!

Now I have a few that weren't lovely, they were blemished, bruised ect. Those peppers I am looking into making chili oil, chili paste & a few sweet chili sauces.

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