Friday, August 5, 2016

Harvesting Garlic & Dill

I harvested my dill/garlic patch a few weeks ago in mid July, right as the tips of the garlic were starting to die off but there was still green in the stalk.
We harvested more than what was shown above (Persian Garlic) we also harvested some lovely Elephant Garlic.
I had enough that I filled the basket in the photo and made a lovely long garlic braid that is hanging up down stairs (looking slightly sad and pathetic as it was my first time braiding garlic).

First off I'd like to say sorry for disappearing between my camera crapping out in the middle of garlic harvest (which is why I don't have the other photo's to share with you) and some deeply personal issues its been a rough summer.

Next I'd like to point out that we planted the garlic in last years dill bed - not truly paying attention to the fact that I might have missed some of the dill seeds I'd harvested.
The dill sprang up in early spring without me sowing even one seed and was by far the best fullest dill I've grown yet!

Which meant we needed to harvest the dill before we could harvest the garlic - not to much extra work but enough that I'm hoping I got the dill in time this year so I can move it to a better spot in the yard. A more permanent spot - when they call Dill a weed, its because its a tasty useful WEED.

This years garlic haul was fantastic! I have three different kinds both soft and hard neck. I think moving forward I'm going to lean toward the hard neck. I want my garlic harvest to last me from now until next years harvest!
It may or may not - we really like garlic!

As for the dill - I kept the best sections of dill, setting some aside to dry for me and some for my sister.
ALL the rest have been cleaned off and put into a large bin. I'm making up a massive container of dried herbs - Mint, Dill, Basil & Rosemary (this year anyway) to add into my chickens nesting boxes through out winter.
They are going to love it come winter time!

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