Monday, August 8, 2016

Garden Projects

While I wasn't blogging, we were busy working in the garden!
We added a beautiful arbor fitting it perfectly in front of the gate into the garden.
If you look really close you can see we've already started some of the grapes to vine along it.
By next year it should be fully covered in grape vines!

I think it adds a nice welcoming look to the back garden!
The arbor pulls the eyes toward the upper yard, while inviting you in.

The last major project that took up a few weeks worth of time was to add in a special watering system.

This system gets the water straight to the roots of the plants.
Not wasting any water on the leaves or around the plants!
Cutting down burn damage from the sun, bug damage and helping cut down on my needing to weed so much around each bed.

This is a time consuming project.
Each line took at least a full hour. 
Pumpkins 1 hour. Cucumbers 1 hour. Corn 2 hours.
Blackberries & Raspberries 2 hours.
Kitchen garden 3 hours.

Add the fact that we did most the work in 103 - 101 degree heat and those hours felt very long.

Worth every minute!

We are still working on the side yard fence, the back garden fence 
(we need to hold up the raspberries)
and well as the grow out cages for the rabbits & the rabbit play yard.

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