Monday, June 13, 2016

Cucumbers & Kale

So our cucumbers (three plantings worth) have come up, but slowly and barely. 
To increase our yield we moved the large frames to the middle of the garden - full sun!
In the front we planted kale & in the middle of the frames we planted kale.

While I've never cooked kale in my life, my husband seems to really want to try it.
As always I will learn how and add it into my repertoire.

Now don't get me wrong the few cucumbers that did come up in the corner where we originally planted we will try to vine up pallets.
I'm not giving up on them, but two years ago I pickled cucumbers for the first time.
Ever since my family has been looking for a massive haul so I could fill our pantry with home made pickles for an entire year.

 I love that my family enjoys my cooking and is 100% certain its the best ever, 
I just pray my garden will accommodate their wishes!

Funny enough I'm allergic to raw cucumber - cooked or pickled and the enzyme I'm allergic to breaks down but fresh is a HUGE trip to the ER for me.
I guess its a good thing my family loves my pickles so much!

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