Thursday, June 16, 2016

Early Summer Garden

Our carrots are growing amazingly well this year! 
Soon we will start to thin them out, giving some to the rabbits.
Some will go into a salad for us, pretty much any carrot over an inch you can eat!
The two that are flowering and seeding will give me enough seeds for years to come.
Last year I learned an amazing recipe using cut carrots, butter and fresh dill - it was amazing!
Everything including the corn (not pictured) is growing well this year!

Already I'm on my second planting of lettuce 
(the two back boxes of lettuce)
The front sections of lettuce are still amazing!
Even though I've thinned them at least three times so far!

Fresh garden salads are one of my favorite summer dinners!
Toss on some boiled fresh eggs and YUM!

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