Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Littles

Our lovely baby carrots are really growing well this year!

Last year when harvesting our carrots we missed a few (out of hundreds) 
so I decided to let them grow.
Carrots are biennial - 1st year you get the vegetable &
when it grows for a second year you get SEEDS!
I have a few wonderful flowers that will be dropping carrot seeds for next years planting!
My long term goal is to reseed my entire yard from the previous years seeds.
I'm at a quarter of the way there and having carrots seeds of my own is a huge next step!

Our garlic is budding!
When the plants are healthy they can send up a top garlic bulb!
Pretty much its an extra - we have two growing at the moment!

Corn, squash, peas, cucumbers are all growing fantastic!
Pumpkins, berry bushes, herbs & more all growing all thriving!
Some are tiny - but in a few months!
Thrilled we have so many doing well already!

So far the only thing we need to replace is our tomatoes - our littles died.
We will be doing that later on - hopefully after payday!

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