Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Time

The peas are doing fantastic - even with the chickens pecking through the fence stealing bits whenever they can!
We also planted Zucchini.
I don't have any gorgeous photos - only lovely dirt water wells that will soon become Zucchini.
 If you live in Northern Utah - Zucchini is a garden MUST.
You can't grow them wrong, they grow like weeds here!

I planted Cilantro in the corner of the herb garden. Hopefully this will be the perfect spot. Its full sun.
Which is why the Mint stopped growing into that area, the mint is massive but is reluctant to grow out into the sunlight, it prefers shade. I don't see that changing greatly no matter how invasive mint can be it really likes it cooler.

The Lavender I was trying start inside only had one seed sprout and then died off, so I will be trying to direct sow the seeds into the opposite corner - again.

I'd also like to add Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. While I have tons of grand plans for this area - including hanging baskets off the fence for some smaller herbs.We add to our garden slowly. 
One thing at a time and see how it goes.

I've had several people ask me how I managed my gardens, chickens & rabbits and why I would talk about adding even more (bee's, aquaponics & a green house).
Its because we add one massive new thing a year.
Two years ago it was chickens.
This year rabbits.
Adding one thing to everything else makes it manageable for me. I don't get overwhelmed because I have a routine established and have already learned how to care and manage the rest.
Being a newbie on one subject, not all at once.

Being raised in a modern/urban world I didn't grow up with parents or grandparent's that had livestock and kitchen gardens. 
My grandma Thornton grew one plant (really well I might add)
but still only ONE.
I can only hope and pray next year I have enough Blackberries so I can make her Blackberry pie recipe.
That said, many people are coming back to self sufficiency.
Wanting to control their food source to eliminate GMO's, certain grains, chemicals, healthier animals, save money, no matter the reason - America in part - is coming back to nature.
Most of us are doing it alone, searching out books, online help and advice.
Learning by success and failure.

Which is why I will always be honest with you.
I will share my failures, as well as my successes.

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