Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Drying Herbs

Harvesting Mint and Dill today!

This spring my herbs are growing fantastic! 

While I have more than I can use fresh - I figured BEST time to harvest for winter!
Everything is fresh, growing quickly and hasn't had any heat issues.
The basket in the photo above hubs made for me -  I will be posting the video how to soon.

For the dill I cut, tied and hung.
Very simple.
For the mint, as until the day before it had been open to my dog, chickens & kids.
I washed the leaves, dried them off, then tied it and hung it.
Making sure to wrap it tight around the base of each.

My downstairs food storage room is cool, dry, with low lighting.
It also has this wonderful drying rack (aka coat rack).

Later on when I have more herbs to hang & dry my husband will put up my large pot rack.
It won't fit in our kitchen, but would be perfect for drying up to fifty different herbs.
Each year I am adding more and more things!
Can't wait for more fresh herbs!

After I hang them I add paper bags, marking the herb & date, the paper bags will do a few things. First it will help keep the light off, collect any leaves that fall, as well as keep the dust off as they dry!

To keep the paper bags from falling I used clips - the tops fit inside the coat rack!
That way it won't be able to slip off!

I am adoring my garden this year! 

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