Saturday, June 11, 2016

Egg Shell Dispenser

This lovely Egg Shell Dispenser happened today. 
A few weeks ago I showed my hubby two fantastic dispensers I found off pinterest.
Fresh Eggs Daily's
My girls needed a full time dispenser and they looked easy enough for me to do without help.
So what happens when I ask my husband for a correct sized board?
He disappears for a while and when I check on him I find this!
My darling spoils me!

We nestled the feeder underneath one of the nesting boxes to keep rain off of it!

To attach it to the chicken wire of the night coop my husband bent two large nails downwards.
Making it easy to refill and clean!

(I'm not a wine person so mine was a washed out coconut rum bottle but any glass will do)
As long as its easy to fill and pour.

No matter how it looks, its important to offer your chickens either crushed egg shells or oyster shells! They need extra calcium, one of my girls egg shells has been getting really thin.
Hence the need for a full time dispenser!
Giving it to them every now and then isn't enough!

My ladies needed encouragement to investigate the new toy,
I sprinkled some crushed eggshells on the ground to get their attention to the new dispenser.
So far (day one)
I've had two ladies eat directly from the dish and two happily eat all the bits I dropped on the ground.
Will need to slowly work on the rest tomorrow!

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