Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Harvesting & Storing Radishes

Let me take a quick moment to confess something - I'm not a huge fan of radishes. They have a sharp taste that makes it hard to add them into different dishes - normally I only add them into salads & soups.
So why do I grow them?
I grew them last year because crazy enough I was given free seeds - only reason - not kidding.
Once I saw how quickly they grew and how gorgeous they are in the garden I decided to make them a more permanent part of our lives.
After getting rabbits and finding out how much they LOVE radish leaves these are now a must have!
However, what you plant, you get. ALL at once! Sure I was able to pull a few up now and then over the last month but there comes a time when you need to pull them up before they bolt, seed and become tougher and harder to chew.
Today was that day for us!
So what do I do with a sink full of radishes? Turn to Pinterest of course!
I found how to store them in the fridge and how to pickle them - following their how to's I set to work.
As to how they work? I'll update you later on that!

My photo following the directions at the link below
The top photo is this continer, from the top view

My photo before I added the liquid to pickle the radishes!

Both experiments look lovely!

We replanted the area but this time instead of a second go around of radishes we are planting kale.
Kale, I've been told loves the heat.

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