Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Limping Chicken

On Saturday (the 28th) I noticed my darling Annabeth had a limp!
Now, I've read the blogs. Heard the advice and took great care with my ladies.
No wet areas in their coop, or around their pen.
No splinters or rough dangerous areas for her to get something stuck into her foot.
On the flip-side
 I don't check the girls everyday.

It doesn't take much for your internal warning flag to see a signal. 
For me it was the fact that she stayed in the same spot for over a minute while I ran around taking photos.
She even allowed me to take few stunning photos!
Not moving much, even when I got closer....
but the real kicker was that she didn't squat when I was right next to her!
Instead she stayed mostly on one foot watching me with a wary eye.

When you get to know your girls (I've had mine almost a year in a half, since they were roughly two weeks old) you know them. My girls trust me, follow me, flock to me or when they don't want anything act like cats and simply ignore me. Her acting like that sent my red flags flaring. Now whatever is causing her to limp - isn't serious as I still had to chase her around the yard to grab her to inspect her.
What I found?
No bumps.
No lumps.
No scratches.
No cuts.
No hot spots.

So my conclusion - after placing her in our mini chicken hospital (AKA the dog kennel - first time in use) where she ate and drank immediately - is that she has a mild sprain from jumping down from something. I'm going to keep her over night in the hospital so that she rests and doesn't get pecked on.

Checked her again - redness and heat in the tummy area. Even though she is fine, not lethargic - eating, drinking and pooping I'm going to give her a quick Epsom salt bath before bed tonight. In this case I'd rather be safe than sorry!
I REALLY didn't want to put a glove on and stick my fingers up her vent but hey - Chicken mama's gotta do the yucky stuff too!

Sunday Morning 
She laid an egg so she isn't bound, 
when I let her out into the yard she walked around just fine.
Whatever the problem she's feeling better now!

So our first injury resulted in one lovely overnight spa treatment and pampering for sweet Annabeth with a clean bill of health in the morning!

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