Saturday, June 4, 2016

Projects & Dirt

Weekends are for projects and weeding!

Our kitchen garden is flurishing!

We have carrots, garlic & dill, and radishes all planted.
You can see the three large carrots in the front - two of them have sprouted flowers to seed!

The dill came up this around the garlic we planted in the fall.
Last year I let my sparsely grown dill go to seed - then harvested thousands of dill seeds.
Fully planning on planting hundreds to get better growth this year.
Instead either the plants came back (which they can) or the seeds that I didn't manage to harvest all sprouted and came up.
Either way I am in HEAVEN with my dill!
I use it in fish dishes, baked carrot dishes and of course to feed to the chickens.
This weekend I cut a whole bunch to start drying for the winter!

Also we started two projects I hope to share with you soon!

Eggshell dispenser for the chickens
A Garden Basket for Veggies 

But there is time for play as well!

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