Friday, June 17, 2016


Moving them into full sun - really worked. There have been times I've not noticed a difference between full sun, partial sun and no sun regardless of the recommendations. 
Cucumbers, full sun is not optional, its a must!

I will thin them later - but with the trellis I shouldn't have to thin them as much as if they were fighting for space on the ground.
My worries of not having enough cucumbers this year should now be pointless! 
I really need a massive harvest this year! I want to make butter pickles, dill and sweet pickles. If I have enough pickles left over I want to make homemade pickle relish as well.
Of course starting so late in the year I realize I might not have as much as I would have if I had planted in the right spot at the beginning of summer.
Already these cucumbers with their first leaves are taller than the ones I planted two months ago that have their true leaves growing!
At least I have the perfect spot for growing them next year!

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