Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Re-Seeding the Wheat

Roughly two months ago we cut the rabbits grass for the first time.
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From that day on, we've cut it almost everyday!
Two months of cheap, fresh, healthy feed for the rabbits!

As you can see from the first photo its starting to "stalk" where it grows a thicker dry husk at the bottom.
Checking under it and seeing the amazing root system we cut it as short as we could 
(to get it to grow back green again).
We also added a few more wheat grass seeds on the top and then covered it with the cut thick stalks to keep the birds from the seeds.
Over the coarse of this week we will finish reseeding, cutting and restarting the grass.
Even if we need to do this process every two months into the fall it will still save us a ton of money, keep the rabbits cooler and healthier!


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