Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Basil & Mint

Mint - once established will thrive! Getting seeds started is harder, which is why I was deeply thankful to find established Mint & Spearmint in my front yard! Also thankfully they are in areas that won't move into the rest of the yard.
When I went outside to snag a photo for this blog my girls came running! They just can't believe that I would pay attention to anything besides them - so as an added bonus here are some lovely shots of my hens playing in the mint!
Again since my mint patch is so firmly established - they actually help keep the weeds around the mint down, eat the bugs and my mint thrives with their extra attention. Crazy sounding? Yup. Works? Yes it actually does!

Basil - I LOVE basil. Seriously I add it into so many dishes. I bought a beautiful container of basil at the local nursery and found that it had four small plants in it.
We gently separated them, and they have really taken off in the last few weeks!
I can't wait until they are huge! I'm not picking any leaves off of them yet, I won't until the leaves, grow into steams. I want these plants to last for several years not just a season.
Another month or so of growing and they should be ready - fresh herbs really add something special!

Again with most herbs its easier to buy a growth than to get seeds to establish. Herbs are tricky in the first few stages. So many things can go wrong.
When I can I try to buy healthy plants and then baby them along until they are large and healthy.

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