Saturday, May 21, 2016

Berry Bushes

Our stunning Blackberry bushes close up!

Sorry! I've been taking photos, working hard around the yard and getting things done, I just keep forgetting my new commitment to showing it all off!
It was a good thing I snapped the above photo when I did, the next day it was messed up from the wind.

Our lovely ever-bearing raspberries are growing well.
Thankfully, the wind blows and rain is pouring down - so I will be updating the blog with things from this last week.
I may have mentioned this before but I adore springtime!
Already the chickens are eating the tops of the peas so I have low expectations of them growing well enough to actually shade the area. I may need to switch to a hardier vine growing plant - maybe planting grapes along that side of the fence - grapes, shade and plenty of flowers for our future bee hive.... choices choices.
I adore a world filled with choices!

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