Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Rabbitry

This is our rabbitry!
It may look strange but it will house our four rabbits for the majority of their lives.
We do pull them out and let them run around the yard - especially when I need help weeding an area!

Building the Hutch
We had some hard to use space between the upper garden and the sheds.
Making the hutch here will help keep the rabbits cooler in the summer, as well as help protect them from the elements.
Plus it puts a cement area to great use!
So far we have two sheds, a rabbit hutch, my kitchen garden and my grow box all on our cement driveway pad (which is massive).
Urban farming is so much more than just farming or raising animals for food products.
We have to be creative about how and where to put things.
Space and budget are huge considerations for our family.

Working on my video skills - as well as adding them to YouTube.
Sorry for the babbling and the shaking.
I promise I will get the hang of this!

And on to our bunnies!
As our breeders these bunnies, get names along with lots of love and attention.

Blackthorn is the only girl we don't know how old she is.
We are hoping she will give us kits.
I'm fairly sure she's either full Rex or half Rex.
She arrived one night drawn by the smell of our new arrivals - pretty sure she was a released pet.
I've checked all missing pet boards and so far (three months) no one has posted for a missing bunny.
Sad to say pretty sure she was bought for Easter then quickly gotten rid of when they realized bunnies stink - especially when inside a house!
She begged for us to add her! Came two days in a row and practically walked into the cage.

Zorro is our Male.
 He is a Flemish Giant/New Zealand Cross
Also a fluffy adorable sweet heart!

Stormy & Misty
They are sisters and love each other.
New Zealand/Flemish Giant/ California mixes.
They are meant for meat! Not to small, not all bone bred to be meaty.
They are also sweet - they love radish leaves and wheat grass more than anything!

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