Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Carrot Sprouts

Its been beautiful, sunny, stormy, rainy and everything in between here. Which makes for a perfect Northern Utah Spring.
While I can't name the random wild flowering weed in the photo above I loved it.

Our baby carrots are coming along well!
One bed of carrots will need serious thinning, thinning I'm fairly sure our rabbits will adore helping with!
Our second bed of carrots is still pretty thin, we replanted seeds a week ago and are hoping they sprout soon. We love and adore carrots but this year with the rabbits having carrots as an extra treats is something we really want!

Each day is an adventure! 
Our animals are growing, thriving and enjoying life.
 The garden is growing - I've just harvested our first planting of Spinach and made a very yummy Spinach Calzone
(recipe will follow later this week)

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