Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Rabbits Grass

My darling made this amazing rabbit hutch from mostly free broken fencing. After it was done (top right) we decided to also add a small grow box on top of it. More information on the how and why can be found here on my previous Wheat Grass blog.

This week it was long enough for us to start harvesting it for our rabbits, it went better than planned!

We have harvested less than half of the top and are only on day 4! Not only are we not half way through the box the clipped areas are already growing so fast we may not need to take a few days break between days when we reach the end!
(sorry for the blurry photos the light at certain times seems to affect my filter.)

As for the bunnies, they LOVE the fresh grass! So much that they were practically begging us to put the grass in. The girls grew very excited when we grabbed their "feast plank" - a section of wood that we set the grass on top of for the feeding, keeping it from falling directly through the bars.
Once they are done eating the grass (not long at all) we pull the planks of wood out of the hutch to prevent the bunnies from chewing on them.
You can clearly see the feast plank in the middle small photo of Blackthorn.

If the video loads correctly you can see Misty and Stormy chowing down - if you turn the volume up WAY up, you can even hear them chewing!
Ravenous little things! They also adore dandelions! I love my bunnies! I've also been told that barley grass is a good fodder for rabbits. When we are done with our wheat seed we may be giving that a try!


  1. I wonder if you could put the grass UNDER the cage so it grows up into their space.

  2. Not really, if you did that all the poop would stack up inside of the hutch. Not to mention the amount of really stinky urine they produce would kill any grass under them in no time.