Saturday, May 28, 2016

Starting Herbs & Marigolds

I haven't been shy about saying how hard it is to grow herbs from seed. I'll still say it. Its hard. Lots of work for little reward - anything and everything can go wrong while growing them. To hot, to cold, to wet, to dry, so many variables.
There are times however when I still go ahead and try it.

My soil mix ratios are:
35% compost
55% organic potting soil
20%  vermiculite

Roughly, I don't exact measure, I eyeball it. 
Herbs can take a longer time to grow and get established, hence me adding the compost in at this stage. The extra can help give it a boost (too much will fry them). The vermiculite is to help the soil drain better.

If you can see the first photo I didn't fill it all the way - first I added the seeds, English Lavender, Sweet Marjoram & Rock Cress. 
After filling it part way with the mixed soil, I added the seeds then covered it with pure organic potting soil.
The Rock Cress should grow easily, but I've never grown it before so we will see.

Using straight organic potting soil we planted less than a hundred from this package of Marigold seeds. We will be planting these around the tomatoes, chicken run and rabbit hutch to help keep bugs and flies down.

Not sure how many times we will fill this grow container and start again but round one is started.

Watered and covered they sit under our grow lamp in the spare room - here's hoping they grow!

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