Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Egg Shells

Chickens need a few extra supplements - the main one is calcium. You can give them several different things to help with this. Many choose calcium enriched feed, oyster shells or the budget friendly way is to wash, dry, crush and feed them back their own egg shells.

If I only use one or two eggs at a time, they normally end up in the compost bin. However, on the weekends we love to have a large lazy breakfast. Using anywhere from 9-12 eggs!
On those days I save up the egg shells, wash them, dry them (can take a few days if you have higher humidity in the air) I normally leave them to dry for two days (or more if I forget them).

The rest is easy, add them into a high side bowl and mash them down. Breaking them into fine bits.
A few other chicken bloggers recommend using a food processor. I just can't bring myself to lug it out of my storage, grind them up, wash it and put it away.
Its much simpler for me to do it by hand - however depending on age and physical ability - grinding it in a blender/processor works too.
I personally think its therapeutic to smash things to bits every now and then. ;)

Once crushed fine, feed them to the ladies! I don't have a regular system for this yet so I put it on a dish and set it out for them. They go wild for it!
Eventually (later on this summer) I hope to have a dispenser in their chicken run. I've seen many great ideas of how to make or reuse different products and am in the process of searching through yard sales and thrift stores for something that works well.

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