Thursday, May 26, 2016

Salad for Me - Radish Leaves for the Rabbits

Our lovely fresh garden lettuce with our radishes.

The great thing about having fresh garden foods straight to the table within minutes of picking it, is all the scraps go to the animals!
Radish greens to the rabbits, the smallish bits of lettuce to the chickens.
Any bits leftover compost bin.

Gather, clean and make your salad!

Then you take these gorgeous radish tops to the rabbits!

So far it seems that my rabbits will choose radish leaves to any other food!
If a wild or freed rabbit makes its way into my kitchen garden, over night I'd most likely lose my radish leaves!
Blackthorn gives them her 100% seal of approval!
Best part is how fast radishes grow!
I planted those 2 months ago and they are humongous!
I'll be able to do a second planting of them to keep my bunnies in fresh greens until late fall.

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