Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mint & Lavender

A few weeks ago I posted about my darling chickens weeding the mint for me, and they did a stunning and fabulous job. However at a certain point they will eventually start to dig up the mint roots. At that point I shooed them all out and gated the area off.

Not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination I'll grant you that, however I've taken the opportunity to add in more mint seeds as well as some lavender seeds. Do I actually think the lavender will spontaneously bloom wonderfully? NOPE.
As I posted previously getting herbs to start from seed is HARD. Really and truly hard, so I also have more seeds being started indoors and if worse comes to worse (I have 500 seeds so that would really be worse) I'll buy a few lavender plants and plant them in the far corner where there was a wild rose bush.

Once the mint has grown out a bit - whether by seed or by root spreading, I'll take the gates down and once again let the chickens roam freely - it takes months of them scratching to get to root pulling. (At least for my established mint patch. This is where watching them and paying attention to their free ranging pays attention).

Here's to adding and growing more herbs that are good for chickens, rabbits and my cooking!
Mint has always been a favorite of mine, now that I need to share with the rest of my flock I need to make sure I have a large area growing!

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