Sunday, May 29, 2016

Meet the Hens

This is my darling!
Lemony Snicket AKA Lemony - Easter Egger
She is the very bottom of the pack, she gets picked on and scolded by all the other birds.
Yet, she is the fastest runner, has the best intuition for danger and has the prettiest colors!

Henrietta - Rhode Island Red
Because every flock needs a Henrietta!
She is sweet, falls somewhere in the middle of the pecking order.

Clary - Rhode Island Red
She is my adventurous girl! I have so many photos of her jumping, climbing or exploring.
I love this photo due to the fact she was watching my husband plant pumpkins.
Unsure where she is in the pecking order - only that she is happy.

Hermione - Rhode Island Red
The lady in the front.
She is dead center in the pecking order, very quite. Almost shy.

Lizzie - Easter Egger
She's another adventurous bird, always on the outer rim of the flock.
Toward the bottom of the pecking order but doesn't really care.

Vin - Easter Egger
Not sure where in the chain Vin is. 
Vin is our rogue, she even took off once for a full night. I found her bright and early the next morning attempting to break back into the enclosed yard.

Kahlan - Easter Egger
The bird in the middle of the group with a pink band around her ankle.
She's the second in command - very bossy.

 Annabeth - Rhode Island Red
Third to the top bird. As top birds go, this one is a sweetie. 
Even when she's bullying the others she will simply stand in front of them to assert her right.

Polgara - Easter Egger
Very bossy
Loves me
Will follow me everywhere.
She is a LOUD begger.
Very demanding - she will stand on the front porch and scream until I bring her treats.
She has tried repeatedly to make it inside the house through the dog door on our front porch, only the plastic cover we put over it to keep Patch inside and the outside keeps her out.

Those are my ladies! They are almost a year in a half old.
My girls lay on average 6-8 eggs daily.

My Easter Eggers lay the pretty blue light blue eggs - one of them lays a very mild olive green.
The Rhode Island reds give me the stunning brown.

Normal size of eggs average from medium to extra large.
So far I've not gotten either a fairy egg or any jumbos.

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  1. Your hens are so adorable, and their eggs are simply beautiful. I'm struck by the perfection of nature in providing so much nutrition in such a beautiful simplicity.