Thursday, May 5, 2016

Indoor Starters

So far we've started cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes & kale indoors. The cucumbers died the first few days out due to a cold snap so we direct sowed into the ground and are hoping the warmer weather this week helps.
We planted the squash and pumpkin in the main garden with mini DIY green houses to get them through the first few days transitioning outside (tomorrow's post).
So that leaves us with tomato and kale babies inside along with our beautiful sweet banana peppers - we plan on planting them soon but for now they are safe indoors.
The kale and tomatoes need time to grow as well before we take them outside, right now they are basking under the warmth of a grow light.
In the future we hope to have a small green house set up that they can thrive in for a while outside instead of our office/workout room.


Also I have tons of my peas starting to come up! I can't wait for them to grow! This year is by far the best early growing season! Tons of rain, not a lot of freezing or cold snaps.
Tonight for the first time since fall we have fresh grown lettuce for dinner! Fresh picked lettuce is so much sweeter than what you can buy!

Have I mentioned how much I love spring? Or gardening? Or eating fresh food? I'm not sure words would ever do it justice! I LOVE spring! So for now that's what's growing indoors, waiting to outdoors.
I also have the basil and aloe plants but they are year round inside plants. Next year I may need to move my large aloe outdoors or harvest it down quite a bit - its growing quite massive!

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